How To Spot The Fake BAPE T Shirts?

How To Spot The Fake BAPE T Shirts?

BAPE T Shirt

In case you do not know how to prove whether a Bape tee is real or fake then you found the right place Pink BAPE Hoodie since we are about to share with you some simple yet very important steps that will help you verify whether a Bape tee is genuine or not.

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Let’s now move on to the methods we are going to use.

How can I verify if a Bape T-shirt is legit?

  • Method of Printing (Lower Quality Reproductions)
  • Method of printing (replicas of higher quality)
  • Method of attaching a neck tag to a shirt
  • Method of using sleeves tags
  • Method of using dust bags
  • Method of Washing Label
  • Method for Making a Bape Logo Tag

Method of Printing (Lower Quality Reproductions)

A Bape tee wouldn’t be complete without an ape print, right? Your opinion is correct, there should be no cause for concern.

In the original ape print, there is a great deal of difference between it and the one shown on the right.  Compared to the original, the original was significantly larger and more detailed. I found that the print that adorns the fake model has a curious round shape to it when it is supposed to have a more defined and sharp edge.

Besides the outline of the ape, the replica factories also messed up the facial features of the ape. This is evident in the distinct differences in the mouth shape and the placement of the letter “R” at the bottom in the right-hand corner of the ape on the real Bape tee print as well as the shape of the hand.

On the right side, we find a low-quality print on the left that lacks the saturation of colors found on the original print, which is unlikely to be the case with the original.

Method of printing (replicas of higher quality)

I found this print on another website, however, the ape on the faux model is taller looking in shape, however, it is thinner in comparison to the original print which is quite thick.

I think it is quite clear that this font is poorly copied, since the letters had been supposed to be thicker and bolder, placed closer to the ape with fewer spaces between each other, and put closer together.

Method of attaching a neck tag to a shirt

As opposed to the original neck tag, these faux tags offer a variety of colors from yellow through green, while the original neck tag colors are washed out and do not have the same quality as the colors present in these faux tags.

I would say the font would be copied very nicely, but the letters themselves should be more clearly defined.

As well as this, I have also noticed that the edges of the original tag are also thicker than they were.

Method of using sleeves tags

An iconic ape can be seen on the sleeve tag of this shirt.

It’s common for even the original brand to stitch tags inconsistently, and they shouldn’t be stitched in a chaotic way, as shown in the picture below. That is normally the result of a poor choice of fabric or a poor choice of the needle.

On the real tag, the ape is shaped larger and the color is brown, while on the imitation, the print is dark red and the shape is smaller.

In the faux model, the font of the letter “R” is also different, as it should be thin and paler as opposed to the thick, bold, and large font normally used on the true model, as it appears to be on the faux model.

The methods we use are designed to allow even those with no experience in this field to understand how to use them effectively. However, if you still have any questions, we would encourage you to contact us through our live chat, which is available at all times of the day!

Method of using dust bags

The Bape T Shirt that you order comes with a dust bag just like the one shown here on the left just in case it needs to be cleaned.

While the colors in the original dust bag are much more defined and darker than those in the replica T-shirt replica, they have a washed-out appearance and seem to have faded over time.

Letters that are to be rewritten should not be as tall as the original letters but should be as thick and bold as the originals.

Method of Washing Label

The washing label is tested when authenticating clothing, although this may seem strange to some, the replica factories do not pay much attention to details like those at all, as you can see when testing the washing label.

This fake tag has a problem with print quality due to the way it was created. As the letters are all faded out, it is almost impossible to make out any of the detail in the design.

I think this print should be bold and thick like in the pictures shown on the left side when it is supposed to be bold and thick.

Method for Making a BAPE Logo Tag

The last method we will be discussing today will be the last method we will talk about.

There is a matte print on the original tag and the background is textureless, however, there is a glittery look on the faux print that has a super textured background that looks non-traditional.

Furthermore, if we look at the back of the tags, the letters also appear to be difficult to read on the fake model that was claimed to be an authentic model, and this is also apparent on the back of the tags.

As conclusion…

Seeing as how fake Bape shirts can be authenticated easily and quickly at home, it might not be as difficult as you might think.

If you still find these steps to be a bit difficult to follow or seem to make sense at all, don’t worry, because we have your back with our amazing Bape authentication services. If you could get in touch with us as soon as possible, we would greatly appreciate it. To make sure that you are well taken care of, we have a team of knowledgeable individuals available 24/7.

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